Thanks for sharing! I've only seen one interview with Errol Otus. It was in Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons and Dragons. He did seem rather normal there. Jeff Dee was also interviewed, but sadly they didn't have an interview with the esteemed writer of this blog! But while I was writing this, I may have missed out on the chance to pick up one of those Sketchbooks and must make haste!!

Ah, one last thing...this reminds me of how important yours (and others) recollections are of those early RPG and comic industry years. A lot of this happened 'pre-internet', before everything was blasted into news and social media. It's hard to find much information on those early days, and a lot of the people involved are no longer around. So thanks again for sharing your stories!

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Not sure where else to say "Thanks!", but the Sketchbook and a few more goodies showed up on the doorstep. It was quite the joy seeing all of what was inside. :D

The sketchbook is fabulous and I look forward to taking more time to really look over each and every drawing. So many interesting characters you have drawn that could be turned into a number of equally interesting stories on their own!

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You're most welcome.

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