It’s a pretty bold claim they’re making to own the copyright for, say, Snow White as a character, given the prominence of said character in the American media landscape prior to the existence of DC comics.

It shows in clear print why your actions are exactly right and necessary.

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Again, you’ve given thought to how this would go down, and I bet the future communication you’ve conjectured from the ‘Distinguished’ Competition will be strikingly accurate. Hope it won’t cause headaches for you. Congrats on getting so much new work! A win for us all!

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Gotta wonder if they just thought you were bluffing or if there was just no one with the power or responsibilty to bother dealing with ya.

Regardless, lol. Lmao even. Respect completely earned, look forward to what you do next

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Hi Mr. Willingham,

Do you remember the comic book advertisements for DnD? You did most of them if not all. The identity of the artist is a mystery for the first one. I had a lovely conversation with Dagmar Irene a few years ago about it. She couldn't remember who it was exactly but narrowed it down to either you or Jim Roslof. Sadly, Jim Roslof passed on. I reached out to you by email to confirm if you were the artist but you didn't get back to me. Do you know who was the artist for the first one? (Some have suggested Keenan Powell but she said no when I asked her.)


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